Sunday, July 6, 2008

Working towards 28 Weeks

Well I'm heading into 28 weeks completed. It seems as though the last week and a half went really fast. I've had lots of visitors, new people to meet (a.k.a. nurses, doctors, assistants, residents) and a new environment to get used too. I felt fine, wasn't having contractions, no blood pressure issues and/or swelling. I figured everything will be a piece of cake, just like it has been.

As I recall from my last letter, my glucose tolerance test was still undecided - I am not Diabetic !! I think I ate a load of candy and sugar once I was cleared and o.k. I still am having rare to infrequent contractions. I seem to have them prior to needing to go to the potty and/or just after. The physician said my uterus is very distended (that's an understatement) and that uterine irritability will and is going to happen. I saw the babies on ultrasound on Monday and Thursday, they checked their heart tones and fluid surrounding them to make sure they are all doing well. So far so good. As for growth, I will find out Monday what they all weigh. I cannot wait. I am very excited to find out.

As for the later portion of this week, I asked for physical therapy to see me. I needed something to do to keep my strength up and mind focused on something else besides lying in bed. As I think about being here, I'm not sad, just tired of resting, feeling fatigued, and lately having a constant migraine that has been continuous. ( This migraine is a problem - it is a warning sign that can signal PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) or preeclampsia. Lately my blood pressures are starting to rise systolically - 120-130. Not to alarming yet, but they are starting to rise. Thankfully, I do not need blood pressure medicine to control it yet, but probably will be starting soon. Dr. Bartelsmeyer felt that I would be starting my steroid shots by the 28Th maybe 29Th week, but I started them today, 27 weeks and 5 days. This was a known fact I would be receiving them since it matures the babies lungs, is usually effective prior to 34 weeks and will only be a positive for the babies, but on the other hand it may start causing more contractions for me. We will see.

As I write today my mind struggles with wanting this to be over and knowing if it was over I would have a bigger haul in front of us. So BE POSITIVE is my mindset I have to rely on. I just keep thinking 2 more weeks then 2 more after that, I've already accomplished so much and have been here already for almost 2 weeks. I CAN and WILL do this - I HAVE TOO. I find myself letting these thing start to bug me, but I have no control. Now it's a race against time and what my body can endure. My mind is my responsibility ~ and I will take care of that.

As for my boys, Chris & I wanted them to get a chance to go on a mini vacation this weekend. So I booked a campsite at Jellystone Park Campground (the one next to six flags). Chris said they are having a great time swimming, roasting marshmallows, having breakfast with Yogi and Boo Boo and enjoying the parks playground, riding their big wheels and nighttime parades. I love the fact they are having a good time and look forward to sharing pictures with you all.

P.S. Molly and Callie I hope you had a great birthday weekend.. I miss you all and am looking forward to seeing you in October.
Thank you all for your support & prayers - lets keep rolling along. Jill


Charity Donovan said...

HUGS HUGS HUGS JILL!!! Sweetie, you are doing so awesome & I am so proud of you girlfriend! You are so right...positive thoughts & lots of prayer will get you through. I honestly cannot tell you how many Hail Mary's I did in that darn hospital! You are stronger than you ever imagined & this tough part will truly be over before you know it & you will have 4 BEAUTIFUL babies to share with the world & say "Hey people...I DID THAT!" Hang in there & call me anytime! I hate to call there 'cuz I don't want to wake you but I think about you all the time! Lots of love & positive thoughts coming your way!!!

Tubre Quads said...

You are doing a great job! I will link you to our blog if that is ok with you. Keep'em cooking as long as possible - positive thoughts heading your way. You will be playing at the park with them in no time!


Jeff Thurman said...

Hey Sis,

Just wanted to say Hi, and tell you sorry I didn't make it up to see you Sunday.

I know I don't tell you enough, but I love you and am pulling for you! If there is anything you need I will be there for you. Just keep in mind the you have a very special thing happening to you. Believe it or not this is a wonderful gift from God. (even though you and I both agree the Dad had his part in this!) You make sure and stay positive and strong, if there is anyone who can do this it is you! Keep up the good work!

Hope to hear about your progress today after your ultrasound. Let's hope we have some 2 pounders in there!

Love you and stay strong!!!

Your Bro.


Sweety Cassidy said...


scottpope said...

hey cuz,

well happy 28 weeks, sounds like everything is going great. keep up the good reporting updates since i can't visit very often. i know your going through a lot but your a strong woman with a great supporting cast at home. hope to hear from you soon and tell chris and the boys i said hello.

sincerly your cuz,


emventurella said...

Hey Jill! and Good Morning!
It's Ellen Venturella! Congratulations on your little miracles!!! It sounds like you and the babies are doing very well.

I've worked with many multiples and preemies and the fact they they are all over 2# and heading towards 3# is truly amazing!

My mom and Natalie (triplets mom--I see her kiddos 1x/mo) have been keeping me updated on your progress. When my mom told me about your blog, I thought I'd tell you hello myself.

I wish you the best of luck!!! You are well on your way to magical 32 weeks! I'll keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

I'm an occupational therapist with First Steps, so if you have any questions about development/feeding when they get home, just let me know. I live in Oakville too! My email is:; web:; my phone: 314-368-0372.

I wish you the best!
Take care,
Ellen Venturella-Wilson