Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Day Pass with My Family

Jason Queen of All Saints First T-Ball Picture

Kyle with his tackle Box

Jason & Dad Fishing @ Busch Wildlife

Kyle trying to fish all by himself.

Sandy & Kyle at the zoo! Thank God for Great Aunts (& Uncles too).

JellyStone over the 4th of July with Dad, Grandma & Grandpa

When your placed in the Hospital you think its just for a few weeks (especially when your due anytime as the docs tell you) then the weeks become a month and by the time you realize how good your doing on strict bed rest all you can think about is going home getting back to your real life .................... I just keep forgetting my real life is over ..................... I have a new and exciting one approaching, but I'm just not ready to give up what I have yet. Don't get me wrong I'm elated at our progress, these 4 little ones are fighters, but every time I see my 2 little guys visit I just can't help but think about them and what I'm missing in the real world. My husband is doing a fantastic job, but I can tell he probably is thinking the same thing ................ I'd love to get back to normal, with Jill home and helping me out. So I keep trying to remind myself that nothing is normal for us until everyone is home and we figure out just exactly what our new normal is.

There are 4 Doctors that round on me during the 7 day work week, I think 5 residents or so and a Nurse practitioner - all of them have become people you look forward to seeing, talking to, and enjoying their quick but routine company. Dr. Moore is a partner of Dr. Bartelsymeyer and she saw me today Saturday July 19th. After introducing her to my boys, I told her that I am going stir crazy in here and am ready to go home ( It feels like jail with hospitality )........... knowing full well this was not an option I just wanted her to know I'm getting done .... She replied with the best news a Bed rest victim could ask for ...... Would you like a pass to go somewhere??? Do you think I pondered that question long ........ I think I answered when .... she said today, tomorrow but only for 3 hours ............. I said tomorrow ... My family ( meaning everyone on my mom's side) swims at my parents house usually every summer on Sundays so this is where I want to be..... A little taste of the world outside and my normal life restored again for 3 hours. It will be hell to leave, but it will sure be great to get out, feel normal and enjoy my favorite thing ... family.

As for my pictures ......... I thought you'd like to see what my other world has been up too.. glad to see their enjoying summer.


Tubre Quads said...

Yahoo for the yard pass...enjoy! You are doing great!


barnesquads said...

Dr Moore is so cool about letting the mamas with little ones at home get a break from the hosptial. Enjoy the time to connect with your husband and boys! Keep up the good work Jill. I'm going to try and pay a visit with you alone this week if my quads are over their sickies.

Jamie Barnes

Melanie said...

I'm so glad you got to spend time w/ your family yesterday. Hopefully it will keep you from completely going stir crazy!!!

See ya soon,


Hey Jill,
I was thinking about you today and then I saw this blog thing on the marker board at work and I thought I'd check it out!! Seems like you are doing as well as you could be at this time. Must be really hard to be away from your fam. I keep you, the babies and your family in my prayers. Let me know if you want a visitor or need anything. I am close to st. John's, be glad to help. Good luck the time will go faster then you know!!

Charity Donovan said...

How fabulous! Cannot wait to hear about your get out of jail free card! lol! Hope it wasn't too hard to go back! It was so funny reading this....Steve just said...oh, I can totally relate & it puts me right back there. I couldn't agree more! Trust me, your life will never be the same but I promise you it is all worth it and it truly is a crazy whirlwind blast of a life once they are here!!!

Super Aunt Jamie said...

We miss you too sis and can't wait to get you and those amazing babies home to us.

I got an idea for your first outing when everything is back to "normal". A multiples mom trip to Fast Eddies. Coldest beer around.....ha ha ha.

Love you and miss you, I have my fingers crossed for another hall pass.


Linda Sanders said...

Hi Jill, I just read the article
about you and Chris and your family
in Lifestlye in the Post! I am so
happy to be a resident in Oakville
(we just moved 11 months ago yesterday!) and hope to follow your
journey with the quads! I watch
the show "John and Kate plus 8"
on TLC and realize the support that
they have and how much they appreciate it! I watch three of my
grandsons everyday when my daughter
teachs in Affton. They are 5, 2 and
1! I am a 57 year old nana and totally enjoy it, although sometimes I will admit I feel crazy! I know you don't know me or
my family but if there is anyway I
can help your family I would love to do that..... even if not directly with the babies, maybe
running an errand or two! Please
feel free to contact me..., we are probably
very close neighbors. My grandson
played Tball at Queen of All Saints
this summer too! God Bless and I
will keep you in my prayers! Linda

Nikki said...

I read your article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch this morning. You have such a cute family! I read that your church is looking for volunteers to help with the babies once they come home. I actually live in the South County area and would love to help out. If you want to contact me, you can do so at I hope that you enjoyed your day pass with your family and are feeling well.

St. Louis, MO

Linda Sanders said...

Hi Jill, I read the article in the
post and felt compelled to write.
I babysit three of my five grandsons Gehrig 5, Brayden 2 and
Carter 1. Gehrig played Tball for
Queen of All Saints this year as well! I am off for the summer(which was pretty short this year)
my daughter teaches first grade in
Affton school district. I have
followed John and Kate Plus 8 on TLC for a long time now and am really in awe of how they do it!
We recently moved to Oakville(we
live in Kingsridge off Becker)
and was so excited to read about
your family! I know you have alot
of support but if I could be of
any help(even if running an errand
or two for you) to you and your
family I would be happy to! Please
know that my prayers are with you
and keep us posted! God Bless,Linda