Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sometimes A Day Makes Such A BIG Difference

When your in the hospital, days change, usually the time spent throughout the day has some positives and usually a few negatives, but the fear of many unknowns consumes you. The nurses and doctors visit regularly making you feel comfortable that your here and that they are aware of your unique situation, BUT their is always something to be stressed or worried about when lives are concerned, especially little lives. When you think about special days, unique days in you life nothing more special comes to mind than seeing the ultrasounds of your babies.

As I think about my day, I'm glad that I get to be somewhere else in the hospital for a little while other than my room. This little retreat is 4 hours spent on the smallest and shortest bench, in a dark room, on your back. It doesn't sound like fun, but at the same time it helps you reinforce why your doing all of this and how unbelievable this miracle really is.

So It's Monday morning and I've been anxiously awaiting for 3 weeks to find out how well they are doing. It's funny how nervous and excited you get in just a few moments. As the stenographer preps me, the familiar questions arise ..... how many weeks are you, ..what are you having, ....if you don't mind me asking... what fertility did you do???? To there amazement and my world wind of a story we laugh and ease into the objective of the day. It's always the same scenario .... now which one is baby A .. a boy or girl. ( funny thing is they have guidelines from the last ultrasound to determine this question. ) Apparently as they get bigger the babies shift upward/downward via for extra space and room. As she scans Baby A she tells me how hard it is to get her to rotate and get measurements on her. (not a surprise since she is on the bottom and has been very difficult from day 1.) For those of you who have been pregnant, lying on your back is not a very relaxing position, especially since I get lightheaded and dizzy sometimes having to sit up just so I won't get sick. Apparently, her head has shifted into position for delivery and is very comfortable and complacent in this spot. So she gets the measurements as efficiently as possible and finally says .............. your Baby weighs 2Lbs. 7oz. I am shocked, tearing up, relieved and elated all at the same time. As Dr. B. stated the furthest baby is the one we get most concerned with the further you go along in this pregnancy. Usually this baby will not get the same amount of nutrients as the rest and will ultimately lag in weight sometimes determining the need to deliver. As I think about this little girl, she just keeps showing her brothers and sister and for that matter DR.B that shes not giving in and plans to be just as big and healthy as the rest. You Go GIRL... I'm so proud of her already.

Then nonchalantly she moves on to Baby B. while I'm still reveling over Baby A's weight. Baby B lies on my right side, his head is up in my ribs and he doesn't budge from this spot. Although he is very active , his position makes for a very uncomfortable and nagging pain. I just try to remember if I push on him I am pushing on his head and that has to hurt worse than what I feel. Thank goodness he is easy to measure and soon Baby B. weighs..... 2Lbs. 9oz. Wow ..... That's great, the stenographer says.... I said yeah, with a big smile on my face...... then she said no your baby is practicing breathing .... that is really early..... WAY TO GO STEROIDS!!!! 28 weeks and my boys lungs are developing !!!! She shows me and we both laugh and watch in amazement.

Baby C is also a boy. He is directly across from Baby B, although he is lying head down above Baby A. So his Butt is on my other ribs ...... I wonder how I even breathe sometimes. He is My biggest baby .... weighing in at 2Lbs. 13oz. ..... He gained a whole pound in 3 weeks. The stenographer just elated at his size and said they are all looking so good ..... just what a Mom wants to hear, let me correct that Needs to hear.

O.K. one more................. Baby D a little girl and the last to be evaluated. So by now it's been 31/2 hours, 2 potty breaks, 1 maybe 2 readjustments and Tons .. I mean Tons of ultrasound gel slapped across my abdomen ( if they ever get the temperature right I'd really appreciate it.) So She get her measurements, explains that she is lying across my abdomen and weighs 2Lb. 10oz. Then we watch for breathing ......15 minutes later, she like her brother practices breathing.

What else can I say ........................... Except Some DAYS make such A BIG Difference.


Sweety Cassidy said...

finaly you have 2b 2g, perfect mix

and the next week they will weight 3 lbs woow !!

Andria said...

Beautiful post. Your precious babes are making their mama proud!

Congrats on an "elated" ultrasound appointment!

You're doing awesome!

~Andria (Sacramento, CA)

Bootleg Queen said...

Way to go sister and babies. I just realized we are like exactly a month away from the goal date 08.08.08 Keep it up little ones I can't wait to meet you all.

Love Super Aunt Jamie

Charity Donovan said...

Yeeeeah! Those weights are FABULOUS!!! They are kickin' the Donovan Clan's butts w/ those weigh ins! That is fabulous!!! Keep on truckin' Jill!!! Huuuuugs!

Tubre Quads said...

congrats! We have gbbg too!

You are doing great!