Friday, July 25, 2008

My Visit Home in the Summer of 08

Lots of people have been asking me for updates especially about my visit home.............. my answer has been so far so good (not too much to complain about). I have been tolerating bed rest well (probably too well), preterm labor has been minimal per Dr. Bartelsymeyer, and my blood pressure has been 120-130's over 70-80's. My migraines have come in clusters usually causing a rough day with slight nausea and musculoskeletal pain, but when migraines are absent it been great, I'm relaxed, pain free and can usually focus on some of my various projects I planned on accomplishing.

My new limiting factor is my Belly - it's Hugh - I mean It starts from my hips and gets bigger and bigger till you get to the other hip. My most irritating or annoying thing which is minimal is my itchy stomach (a.k.a. developing stretch marks). I lather in Tummy Butter (4-6 times a day) to reduce the itch and hopefully the lines my skin wants to make. This belly makes for one big obstacle, since when I sit up my circulation is obstructed to my legs from the weight. If I sit too long my legs will turn purplish blue and my head will sometimes throb because it's trying to push the blood to my feet so hard, so blogging is getting more challenging, but I just plan to take my time and get it written sooner or later.

My visit home was great. We went to my Mom's house for a pool party and barbecue. Although, Chris, Jason & Kyle were unable to attend due to the little guys having a flu virus with the runs the night before, I still made the most of it. So watching them swim and enjoy summer was put on hold.
Usually every Sunday in summer my Mom and her Sisters ( Carol & Sandy) come over to swim along with their families and ours. So about 10 adults were there this time. My only downfall was that it was too hot for me to sit outside by the pool since I couldn't swim. I would dangle my feet for about 20 minutes or so in the pool then go inside to cool off. The best part was seeing everyone and the food (nothing beats real homemade food). Well the visit did take a toll when I returned. First of all it was hard to leave, I was sad to go back, but realized it was a nice break and I knew getting back to rest was what my body needed ( funny thing was I finally took naps for 2 days). So a new perspective is what helped me realize I can complete this task and I have my family to back me. It was a nice day and a great memory for the summer of 08.

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