Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Little Guys

At the zoo with Maw maw

On the Carasol with Maw maw

On the train with Uncle Jeff

Lake of the Ozarks

Father's Day Tractor Rides

Father's Day

At The Zoo

At the Zoo

Jason & Kyle on the Boat @ Lake of the Ozarks

Jason & Kyle are really being big boys .......... it sad that they have to endure such big changes so young. My extended family has been trying to keep them buzy throughout this last 6 weeks, but as we all know it's still not the same. They want Mom home, just as much as I want to be home.

My youngest (right now) calls me every morning before his daily ride with Dad and Jason too his destination for the day. When I left he was trying to put words together and couldn't converse well on the phone at all. Now, he says so many words together I have to ask him to try again or really decode as we go. I think he is learning so much right before my ears, sometimes my eyes. I noticed the other day he can decifer different colors and choose his options without having to whine for them. Dad must be working with him .......... at least it seems like it.

Jason isn't a phone person. He usually will be so active and focused on his current activity that talking to Mom is not an option at that time. When he visits, he is the first to say hi and come show me what is new or what he brought with him for us to play with. He always asks when I'm coming home and tells me what he has been up to. After reading this back to myself, I can't help but sit here and cry. I'm tired of having to not be with them. Last time Jason left I told him to make a calandar with his father for 2 1/2 more weeks and when he x's off all of the days I'll be home. - I can't believe their is an end in sight. Now it's adjusting to how do they get ready for four new siblings at home especially since their just finally getting their Mom back. This will be a big unknown - hopefully a nice smooth transition for everyone especially them.

I just thought I'd share more pictures of them with you from their favorite spots .....


Jessica said...


My heart goes out to you as you are away from those beautiful boys! I am thinking of you and your entire clan! I am (and have my prayer warriors) praying that the time passes quickly for you and that you are reunited in your home with ALL of your babies (big and small) happy and healthy soon!

God's blessings to you!

Love, Jessica (JJ)

Tubre Quads said...

you are doing great...keep up the good work!