Friday, October 31, 2008

My Indiana Connection

Molly, Jill & Callie

Molly, Jason, Kyle & Callie

Not often do you just call up friends and they come running to help - just because. My friends decided to just pick up and come into St. Louis for a long extended weekend to help me while putting their lives and families on hold. I just want to let them know how thoughtful they were and that I was so glad they could help. Although I miss them already......................... Thanks most of all for coming in and for helping me to relax. I now realize I have the rest of my life to stress over laundry & keeping the house clean, so instead I WILL start enjoying these babies....... Hope you all had a good time .....

P.S. Happy Anniversary - Dan & Molly.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bottle Propping

Molly Kurt

Meghan Cole

What a horrible mom --- to bottle prop.

I agree if you have just one.

BUT since I have been losing sleep and not seeing any time to get caught up over the next decade Chris and I decided to try this ................. Well we only bought one.
We decided to try it on everyone to see if it would work. So if the babies are awake they can eat efficiently and very fast with just one person awake. We went from a 2 hour schedule time frame to 1 hour schedule and we are currently getting to 45 minutes. I love the milk maid and would recommend it to multiple moms. It does have it's downfalls, but if you alternate babies and use it just during the middle of the night to help your marriage survive without biting each others heads off then it is well worth the decreased holding/bonding time. I do have one question - who really does bond with their children at 3-5a.m anyway when they see them all day and night to love on them???? I figured it was well worth the much needed sleep instead. So if anyone needs to bottle prop .... here are a few pointers ..................
make sure the baby is wide awake, make sure the bottle is positioned in their mouths correctly and that they can still stop sucking if need to, have a firm boppy, and most of all do not leave them by themselves.....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Dad and Papa

October 21, 2007 @ 5:30 p.m.
Last year was a life altering event that I wish no one would have to live through.
My father was brought to heaven ................ to protect these 4 babies that were in Gods plan for me. As the year anniversary passes I can only feel the pain of my loss surfacing to the center of my chest. I realize in time the hurt will fade to good memories, but for now I want to take a moment out of my busy, hectic life and let my father & their grandpa know we miss him and love him and thank him for all of his love and support - no one does/did it better.
I miss you dad and always will ........................................... Jill

Monday, October 6, 2008

What happens in our day ~

From bottle washing, diaper stacking, formula making, & feeding schedules not to mention LAUNDRY .... I mean lots of laundry. well here is a little look at our new day of supplies...........

1.) Diapers - this is an idea of 2 1/2 weeks worth of use. It takes 240-260 diapers per week to cover this issue.

2.) My daily bottle making for the 4 babies and storage. On average it takes my help 1 hour to complete this task which entails washing yesterdays bottles, refilling them, than storing them into the mini fridge. We make enough bottles to feed from 11 am that day to 11 am the next. That would equal =28 bottles per day. Then we use them and refill the gray tub by the sink with empty bottles. It always amazes me how fast it fills up (the grey tub) and how much volume we use daily to keep these little ones fed.

As the laundry continues to cycle (another never ending process) I am taken back by the help and generosity I need that seems to come just when I'm thinking "how am I going to do all of this....."

what a blessing it is to just unlock your front door and know that someone will be coming to our rescue. The surprising thing is that they are happy to come..................... and I am thrilled to have them ............. I'm hoping they will enjoy coming for months maybe years ...................

Although my house will never be they way it was before the quads arrived ...... I can actually say my house is filled with love and the hard work that is never ending and by the end of the day the accomplishments are seen by the smiles and full bellies of these four precious miracles. Thanks to my help I am able to seem organized and less chaotic .............. a much needed boost to my ego.

Well here is a schedule of my day to day activities :

7am -9am feed for 2 hours ( 1/2 hour per baby) my help arrives at 7:30-8:00 a.m. to help feed, start washing bottles, dress the older boys, round up my laundry and/or get me geared up for the new day. At 9:30 I evaluate what needs to still get started and help out once the babies are full and resting .. Usually a good cup of coffee is needed ........ funny I never drank coffee before the Quads were here .

Breakfast is usually fast or missed that day and it is never peaceful. If I get a chance I will try to get a shower in, but I'm usually too busy folding laundry, getting supplies, running after Kyle or Jason or socializing with the help for the day. My day seems structured do to the babies schedule, but actually each day is different and unplanned on activities to accomplish. Mainly I try to complete one task that may have been the task I wanted to accomplish the day(s) prior for example .......... clean the bathrooms or vacuum...etc.. I used to be a freak about cleaning and straightening up ............ it's just my nature but I can see how much I've already relaxed over the last 2 months about my house ....... funny thing is .......its because I physically can't do anymore I'm actually too tired.. and lately would rather socialize and enjoy the babies instead..

~So let the work and the dust settle ............ and enjoy the miracles of my day ~

Molly, Jason(4), Cole, Meghan, Kurt, & Kyle(2)

My Little Helper -

Kyle is 2 ......................... enough said right.

Well, besides picking up constantly after him and attending to his needs, Kyle is a very enjoyable, loving and sometimes helpful little boy. Somedays you love them more than others today was one of those days............

Here is a little recapture of our Morning with Mom .......

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Reflux - has hit the Quads



GERD - or Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease -
Better known as Mom and Dad's worst nightmare has started.

Cole, Meghan, and Kurt have all started spitting up and shrieking in pain post feedings. We thought it was the beginning of the post preemie stage when the babies seem to want to be awake, held, and stimulated more. Instead we have little ones who are shrieking in pain after they eat because their esophagus is irritated with gastric juices from their stomach contents causing irritability and pain. Meghan seems to be the worst requiring a lot of attention and special care. For the last few nights Chris and I have taken care of one or more of them throughout the night - meaning they need to be held up right to prevent this burning pain.
So the treatment is ZANTAC we hope.

As for the babies they are growing big, gaining weight and becoming unique individuals. As far as Dad & I can tell Cole likes to eat sleeping then awakens curiously after feedings and wants to see if you have noticed he is awake often playing possum. Kurt likes to evaluate his surroundings. He is often found looking around for hours peacefully and quietly. (He's gonna get away with everything) Meghan lets you know if you have disturbed her, irritated her or wants your full attention. Last but not least Molly loves to be the baby although she is the oldest. She is very laid back, looks around usually at night and is the smiler of the group. All of the babies are content so this GERD needs to move out of the Schwartz Clans esophagus so we can all have a smooth and enjoyable,but tired newborn stage.

Here are some pics from their Due Date - September 28th, 2008.