Tuesday, July 15, 2008

29 Weeks and Counting

Well there still on track, growing together, have plenty of fluid around each of them, and having minimal contractions. Plus not to make light of the situation, but all of my babies are practicing breathing, scoring perfect on their Biophysical Profiles which makes for a steady and relaxed week(s). I constantly get asked what their weights are (which I would love to know each week also), but.................. the good thing is that they continue to grow together and on track .............. so that means no need to evaluate them any sooner than 3 weeks. In medicine more tests = more problems. Great for them, too bad for us !!!
I have had a few more headaches (almost daily) and bouts of nausea throughout the last week and a half. Apparently, My headaches are Tension migraines. They usually happen in the a.m. and will continually increase to nausea symptoms if I don't alleviate them with floricet. I seem to be getting more fatigued, but my mind doesn't seem to always listen to my body. So I have been put on a rest restriction between 2-4 to give myself down time. It's hard to nap daily then expect to sleep all night, but Ambien seems to help if I get too restless. I have been working on my multiples letters to companies after the babies are born, so we can just make copies of their birth certificates then send them out. These letters will help support our large family with diapers, food, etc.
This weeks highlight happened on Sunday, we met with Aisha Barton, a reporter for The Lifestyles Section of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. They interviewed Chris and I about having older children and being on bed rest with multiples. They took lots of pictures with my family in my St. John's dorm room and plan to publish the article on Saturday July 26th. We were glad to have the article focus on us with Jason & Kyle. It will be a great keepsake.
Hope your all enjoying the Heat and good barbecue - I'll be their next year with everyone..... It's still a dream even though reality is getting closer.


Jamie said...

So, I finally got to your blog apparentely I still had the old address and the new one includes "the":)It was good to talk to you this morning. Hang in there you and the babies are doing fabulous.

Nikki said...

Hi, I found your blog and few weeks ago and have been following your journey since(I hope you don't mind). I live in St. Louis (fairly close to St. John's) and can't wait to read the article on Saturday!

Misty said...

Yeah, on getting to 29 weeks!!!! That is awesome! And that is really great that all of the babies are doing so well. Keep up the good work, I know how hard this is.
gggg 20months

robert schwartz said...

Hello Jill and Chris- I have never used a blog before. Just a note to let you guys know we are thinking about you guys.Were also praying for you too. Sounds like you're all under control. Got the blog from Tom and Raye.I'll send my two daughters, Robin and Mickie your blog too. Love always. Bob and Linda.