Sunday, January 4, 2009

The article - online too!

here's the link to the article and pictures from yesterday.................

will update you about our changes around here soon

Saturday, January 3, 2009

St. Louis Post - Lifestyles Section

We have had the pleasure of having David Carson from the St. Louis Post follow us over the last few days. For us it was normal, everyday life that we allowed him to view and photograph. We were honored to have him visit, outwardly present the busyness and controlled chaos of our lives in print. It may seem easy or smooth going, but to those with multiples we want it to seem that way so we are in control of our lives and our happiness. Although I will say it is hard at times, it is the quiet moments we cherish, the smiles we hold on too, and the peace of knowing we did our best every day for our health and theirs. We love our children and that is why it becomes easy.

here is his take on our lives over the last few days.........

Thanks David,
We really appreciate the time you spent with us and we did enjoy your prensentation