Friday, August 1, 2008

IT'S AUGUUUUSSSST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quite a while ago, the babies started getting tested 2 times a week to check their well being and occasional growth. This testing is done twice a week it is called a Biophysical Profile. This test each week, tests each baby for four specific things. Heartbeat & Rate, Breathing, Amniotic Fluid Volume & Movement. Each portion is scored up to 2 points to determine their effectiveness. Biophysical profiles started after I received steroid shots back in my 27Th week. Each week, I was hoping the babies would score a 8 and so far each week they have done just that.

Another valuable test is the 3 week growth scan. This test gives us the growths of the babies, but also tracks their growth in percents which is more valuable to the physicians and gives a good outlook as to how well they are doing overall. After my last test, Laura the ultrasound stenographer, explained how well my babies have been doing. She said, "most people just want their weights and are happy, but the physicians' look at these percentiles." As she points to the computer screen I see 45% - 50% and a graph with four scrambled letters falling between a high and a low line. She continues to explain "that this means your babies are on track and have been since they started testing." Apparently, those percentiles show all of the measurements together over the months and although they are quads they are growing like a singleton. Your babies would be half way to how big they would be at full term. By them staying on track they have grown accurately to their gestational age. ( That means all of them not just one). So Mama is very proud of them!!!

So here are their 3 week weights...............................

Baby A (Girl) ...... 7/7/08 - 2lb. 7oz. ....................... 7/27/08 - 3lb. 4oz.

Baby B (Boy) - 7/7/08 - 2lb. 9oz. ............................. 7/27/08 - 3lb. 5oz

Baby C (Boy) ..... 7/7/08 - 2lb. 13oz. .........................7/27/08 - 3lbs. 9oz.

Baby D (Girl) - 7/7/08 - 2lb. 10oz. ............................7/27/08 - 3lb. 5oz.

Overall 3 lbs. in 3 weeks and an average 2 ounce gain per baby per day ........ no wonder why My Body is getting heavy. Please wish us luck as we continue this endeavor to stay on track and be healthy.



anonymous said...

You dont know me, but I found your blog through someone else's. I wish you all the luck in the world, and have added you and your family to my prayers every day. I kind of understand how you feel being there with your family at home. 17 mos. ago we had our 6th child at 30 weeks. I was admitted at 24 weeks and I laid there and cried I think every day because my husband and 5 other kids were at home needing me. No one understood and they all thought I should be enjoying my time away. So, I totally understand. You are doing wonderfully - your babies are bigger than ours was the day he was born. You are doing so well, keep up the good work - there is an end in sight!

KSDallas said...

Those weights are great!

By the way - I love your posts. I am quad blog addict (don't know how that even got started!). I feel like I am actually getting to know you and your family as well as the journey you are on.

You have my best wishes (and I am sure many other people's). Congrats on the journey thus far.

barnesquads said... rock with baby weight...Iknow they are very pleased with the percentile between the four too since they could very well take them out if one were to not gain weight like the others but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Sweety Cassidy said...

HAPPY 32 WEEKS !!!!it's a big big goal !!
you did a great job !!

Super Aunt Jamie said...

Hey sister,

Sorry it took me so long to get into your blog and catch up on your writings, but I guess I hear news one way or another on a daily basis.

I want you to know we are all so proud of you and you are doing even better then I knew you could. I cannot imagine but this has to be so difficult for you and I ahte that it is. We all love you and soon you will be home with your boys everyday and will be driving nuts once again. So hang in there.

Love Jamie

Charity Donovan said...

Kickin' bootie! You have little Popeye's in there...those weights are amazing!!!! They are going to do fantastic! Tomorrow is the big day, correct??? Wishing you all well! Hope you have a safe & healthy delivery! HUGS from the Donovan Clan to the Schwartz Family! Yay....can't wait to hear all about the new quads in town!

Beth said...

Hello Jill,

My name is Beth Walker and I know you have no idea who I am. I have 10 week old quads and am also from St. Louis. I just wanted to wish you the very best of luck. I would love to hear how you and the babies are if you ever get the chance, I know things are about to get hectic. I'll keep checking the blog and congratulations! Beth

Chris said...

JILL!!! I heard you had your babies!! Congratulations x4, I'm so happy for you and your family, I know you couldn't wait for them to be here and out of your belly:) Good luck and I hope they are all doing well!!

-Stephanie (a.k.a- "the school nurse")

Sweety Cassidy said...


Charity Donovan said...

Just wanting to know when we are going to get to feast our eyes on the new Fab Four 08-08-08 babies?

gjbumm said...

Hi Jill & Chris,
Contratulations! My prayers and best wishes for you and your family. I have benn following your blog but finally decided to send you a note. My email address: This may come under a different address as I using the office of our Health care co-odinator, who I help out with filling.
Peace and all good to all of you!
Your cousin, Bro. Greg Bumm, OFM