Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 20th - Blessed with an extra Week

Hey All,

I am still a free woman.

The Physician decided that all of us were doing extremely well and that I could have another week at home maybe 2. I highly doubt 2 weeks, but I wasn't thinking about having one so I'll shoot for the stars here. I have my next appointment on Monday the 23rd of June. Weeks fly by when you think their your last of being at home.

As for an update ............. Baby A (girl) is 1Lb. 12 oz., Baby B (boy) is 1Lb. 13oz., Baby C (boy) 1Lb. 14oz., and baby D (girl) 1Lb. 14oz.. All have plenty of fluid around them and room to grow. Dr. B. felt they should be over 2Lbs. easily by next week. I was hoping this week. Its great to see them all doing so well. Just a little note/funny.......Chris and my Mom were with me at the last ultrasound and baby B looked content but crammed. He was lying with his feet touching his head. Chris and My mom looked concerned so we asked Dr. Morris about him .............. he said that he would probably lay like that when he would be born for a while.... I just laughed, but Chris and My moms eyes grew wider.......... he said that makes for a good diver......... I said yeah like Greg Louganis and he said well I can't tell sexual orientation now ......... & I replied to Dr. Morris by saying I meant Diving abilities, but haven't you discovered the gene for that yet. ...
He reassured Chris and My mom by taking another look at him. This time he was sitting Indian style ...... so no worries. Apparently premies and multiples can lay like they were positioned in the womb for a while usually 48-72 hours post birth since that's what they were comfortable doing , but usually straighten out like all newborn babies. Dr. Morris said he was sorry he joked with them, because they seemed so concerned. To me it's nice to be able to have some fun and relax since they are doing so well.

As for hospitalization I will write again once I get settled and know where I will be.
Thanks Jill