Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 12th - My first mass email about the Quads

Hey Girls,

Sorry It has been such a long time since I've spoke or written to most of you, but I thought this would be easier to communicate with all of you prior to making my web page about the babies. I first of all want to thank you guys for offering your help, keeping up with my family, and for all of your prayers that have been helping along the way.
As for me, I am currently working towards 25 weeks. It seems like it has been forever since we were pregnant and found out about the Quads, but it was just 10 weeks ago. So far I have been doing very well. As for this pregnancy, I am asked/required to gain 4 Lbs. a week, so far I'm averaging 3Lbs. My blood pressure has been normal for me which is a Hugh risk factor for this pregnancy. I have only gained weight in my abdominal region, actually my mom thought my bottom and thighs look smaller.(Thank God!!) As for swelling - none. As for hospitalization, I will be admitted this coming week following father's day. Actually I've made it 17 days longer than I was originally supposed too. (Yeah!!!) So this next 6 weeks is going to be hell, but I realize I need the down time to give these guys/girls the best chance to get to 32 weeks.
As for the babies, their names are ........................ we'll wait on that one. The Babies are all growing like singletons. They have reached a great milestone ..viability. At 24 weeks the likely hood is very high to survive over 50 percent, by 26 weeks that percent will be almost 100. So we are getting close .....actually 12 DAYS away!! The girl on the bottom weighs 1Lb. 1oz., the boy on the bottom is also 1Lb. 1oz, the boy on top is 1Lb. 2oz, and the girl on top is 1Lb. 3oz.. By June 17Th, they should all attain 2Lbs. After this date variations in weight gain may start to happen, but I'm hoping they continue to gain together to get all over 3lbs. before delivery. ( usually a singleton will gain a Lb every 3 weeks. ) So I will ask all of you to continue the prayers they do help.
As for us, we sleep really well at night. They are extremely active during the day especially after meals which is usually every 2-3 hours. I described it as a water bed of constant movement. Their movements are getting more forceful every day. I cannot wait to meet and see them all. I have had a lot of thoughts throughout this last 10 weeks and currently my complaints have been minimal, of course I'm tired, look like I'm due any day, my bladder is constantly feeling full, and the weight of the babies is very hard on my pelvis, but in 7 weeks maybe more we will have our new additions to love and share with you all. I hope if you have questions you'll write and I'll be able to get them all answered. I definitely welcome visitors in the hospital on my bed rest and any advice you have.
P.S. My only sadness right now is for my Boys - Chris, Jason & Kyle. I miss them already and will need a lot of strength to get through this stay without seeing them daily. I hope they are so busy they forget to be missing me. I'm lucky that they can visit anytime and have activities for us to do together.
Wishing you a happy and healthy summer. Jill Schwartz