Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Reflux - has hit the Quads



GERD - or Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease -
Better known as Mom and Dad's worst nightmare has started.

Cole, Meghan, and Kurt have all started spitting up and shrieking in pain post feedings. We thought it was the beginning of the post preemie stage when the babies seem to want to be awake, held, and stimulated more. Instead we have little ones who are shrieking in pain after they eat because their esophagus is irritated with gastric juices from their stomach contents causing irritability and pain. Meghan seems to be the worst requiring a lot of attention and special care. For the last few nights Chris and I have taken care of one or more of them throughout the night - meaning they need to be held up right to prevent this burning pain.
So the treatment is ZANTAC we hope.

As for the babies they are growing big, gaining weight and becoming unique individuals. As far as Dad & I can tell Cole likes to eat sleeping then awakens curiously after feedings and wants to see if you have noticed he is awake often playing possum. Kurt likes to evaluate his surroundings. He is often found looking around for hours peacefully and quietly. (He's gonna get away with everything) Meghan lets you know if you have disturbed her, irritated her or wants your full attention. Last but not least Molly loves to be the baby although she is the oldest. She is very laid back, looks around usually at night and is the smiler of the group. All of the babies are content so this GERD needs to move out of the Schwartz Clans esophagus so we can all have a smooth and enjoyable,but tired newborn stage.

Here are some pics from their Due Date - September 28th, 2008.

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barnesquads said...

Oh yuck, I sure hope the reflux isn't too bad and the Zantac helps alleviate the pain. Are you also thickening formaula with rice cereal?
The babies look good. Love Kyle's helpful pics:)