Friday, October 31, 2008

My Indiana Connection

Molly, Jill & Callie

Molly, Jason, Kyle & Callie

Not often do you just call up friends and they come running to help - just because. My friends decided to just pick up and come into St. Louis for a long extended weekend to help me while putting their lives and families on hold. I just want to let them know how thoughtful they were and that I was so glad they could help. Although I miss them already......................... Thanks most of all for coming in and for helping me to relax. I now realize I have the rest of my life to stress over laundry & keeping the house clean, so instead I WILL start enjoying these babies....... Hope you all had a good time .....

P.S. Happy Anniversary - Dan & Molly.

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Karina said...

congratulations on such healthy babies and making it to 33 weeks! they're beautiful and you have such a full house! your family's "story" is very similar to the Lewandowski family in Michigan (i think).
they have a 4 yr old boy, 2 yr old boy and new quads that were born a few days before yours!