Friday, March 27, 2009

Flu & Bugs

Well it has been a tough winter on the Quads and their older brothers. So far we have weathered 4 stomach flu's, 2 influenza Type B infections, 10 ear infections and 6 ER visits this year. Yep that's right 3 months into the year - I am so ready for summer. Not to mention 3 surgeries for tubes and one adenoid removal. What a difference a day makes. We have had lots of sleepless nights and plenty of new teeth arrivals. Molly was first with 2 bottom teeth (FEB.) and Cole has cut one tooth through and working on a few more.(MARCH) ( Today has his two front teeth cutting through.)I thought Kurt would be first like always, but instead he has been moving across the floor and starting to get his legs under him to crawl. Molly has started to do crunches because she is dying to sit up. Cole's legs never stop and Meghan is very happy grasping for things and surveying what is happening with everyone else. As for Jason and Kyle - Kyle is still working on potty training and now going to have tubes placed due to recurrent ear infections - Cole too - so that is our next big event. As for Jason, planning on Kindergarten at Queen of all saints, playing soccer and getting ready for t-ball. Man time is flying, Just a review of the last few months.

P.S. We had our first outing to Mcallisters with a triplet family "The Waltons" - it was crazy and fun all together. 7 babies, 2 children and 4 parents. What a nice time !!

Enjoy the pictures.......................................

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