Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where have you ( I mean me ) Been !!!

I think I can finally get back to writing ...........
Sorry my new years resolution didn't start right away. The babies are growing by leaps and bounds ... we are 6 months already ...2/8/09. I was cleaning the bottles and thought we are half way finished with this......... were did the time go... it was really fast although seemed relentless and slow at times and often so fast I felt like I missed it.

O.k. a little up date ........... then pictures - ( I need blogger to help me - my photos won't upload)

I have been in physical therapy for my back and now my new knee problems, thankfully it is all restrengthening and toning - too bad it's not a quick fix, but it did get me a new gym membership I'm using to get back to normal. Thankfully I might be able to do something for myself - I keep thinking April is almost here.
As for Jason & Kyle - their birthdays will be here soon. Hopefully they will start settling down a bit soon. Jason is gearing up for kindergarten and Kyle is trying to keep up with him as much as he can. As for Kyle he is potty training and trying to do his best.
Now far the stars of the show......

Molly had a hard month .... she was visiting the E.R. too frequently .... at first we thought she was having a strep infection but it is very rare for her age, then she started doing a twitching/shaking motion that seemed to resemble seizures. So after a few tests she is a normal child with a quirk or hyperstimulated reflex (diagnosis by a pediatric neurologist) vs. reflux, so we will soon find out... She is rolling all over and talks and laughs constantly.

Kurt is still smiling from ear to ear, happy as ever and getting longer rather than fatter. He loves to cuddle... wish I could do that more.

Meghan is very vocal at times, but is still the chubbiest and cutest baby. She has an occasional bad day but is cooing and giddy at times. She is not rolling yet but is always checking out her siblings and making sure they know she's the boss. It's fun learning their personalities and enjoying their special moments.

Cole is the strongest and most peaceful baby we have. He enjoys trying to crawl and focus on your face a lot. He loves pulling blankets over his head and is soo cute in the morning to say hi too. I light up when I see him smile's a beamer.

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