Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What we have been up too - in November.

Man it has been a long time since I've talked....

Well the month is going by quickly - the days faster.

I cannot believe the babies were 4 months on December 8th.

I am trying to recall all of the special moments we have been up too.

Here's the list -

Went out on a date with my husband and friends, managed to tailgate and attend a Rams game, visited the pediatrician unfortunately quite often, physical therapist and plenty of Black Friday Shopping lately. As for the real news ......... the babies are all growing like a weed and catching up with their adjusted age for weight. They started the RSV shots each month and seemed to tolerate them alright. The have awakened and are starting to smile, coo and laugh out loud. I am happy to let you all know we are starting to get some sleep....

Some Firsts ............
Kurt is leading the way ...
he laughed out loud and smiled a lot in November especially the 23rd.
he rolled over on the 25th and gets his head up high on the 16th.
mom's nick name for him is smiley - he is content and just smiles and coos constantly
right now he only cries when he is hungry or stinks his pants.

Cole is the strongest baby, physically. Very masculine! He has changed the most in looks and behavior. He used to be very cranky, now he is content and below laughs with a large grin across his whole face. Cole does let you know when he wants you though.
He laughed also with Kurt on the 23rd. Actually they laughed out loud at each other together.
So far gets his head up but would rather be on his back.

Molly is also a very smiley girl but loves to be held. She sucks her thumb and twirls her hair/ear like her aunt carol. We are trying desperately to stop the thumb sucking, but she is winning. As for laughing not sure if she has belly laughed yet but she did smile on her Dad's birthday Dec. 1st, plus she likes to get her head up and look around too.

Meghan has plumped up and looks adorable. She is the crankiest of the group, but is battling a bad reflux. So far she hates to be on her stomach while awake, but loves to sleep that way. She especially lets you know she wants you to pay attention to her and flip her to her stomach at 4:38 or 4:39 a.m. each morning. She Coos like none other and is precious when she gets her smiles out, they too explode across her face like Cole. She is very strong, physically also and is my biggest baby. Her Firsts November 24th smiled and cooed. lifted head on the 18th of November.

They Currently weigh ..............
Kurt 13lbs.
Cole 13Lbs. 5oz.
Molly 11Lbs. 2oz.
Meghan 13Lbs. 8oz.

Plan to update with pics tomorrow

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