Thursday, September 11, 2008

K. Scully photography - A Must in my book

One of my good friends from Creighton has a unique style and creativity that cannot be matched. Kristin spent a day with us in our visits to the NICU North and provided me with this assortment of her days work. I first of all cannot thank her enough for her thoughtfulness and everlasting memory she has provided not only me but my babies as well of their start in life. Kristin you do amazing work .............. it's not work it's art

thanks again and I am lucky to share this with you


( p.s. this site will steal you heart......... )

once you have arrived at her site hit enter on/under the middle picture then go to client proofing , once there then type in one of 2 passwords both are very unique and worth reviewing.

quads b&w
quads color

if unable to log in try seeing the pictures on this site.....


Charity Donovan said...

Jill - those are beautiful shots! I wish I had photos even half as good as those!!! AMAZING!

Andria said...

Beautiful babies Jill! Such treasured memories were captured.

MeMam said...

Jill - those are priceless. I love the one with one of the babies under your shirt. I totally cried looking at that! Beautiful, just beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Hi there, I am brand new to your blog. My husband and I have 8 month old twins that were delivered at St. Johns at 32 weeks back in December! Praying that you will soon be home with your little miracles. Feel free to check out Addelynn and Alexander's blog at:
The pictures are absolutely adorable!

Jenny said...

CONGRATS!! they are beautiful! i'm sure they will be home soon! ours were only in the NICU for 4-6 weeks....home well before their due date. if you ever have anything you need or just need to vent feel free to email me...jennyhasquads (at) yahoo (dot) com

welcome to the quad momma club!:)